I never know what to say, I always reread it and hate it.

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8 tubes of dye later.
I mean, it was obvious that I was going to talk to the pup more than the people. I forced him to be my best friend.
Calypso begging for sheetz food
Feelin classy for some day drinking with my best friend.
Calypso and Raiden

Fans React To Childish Gambino: DMV'sthemoveTV - YouTube

I’m pretty awko taco here. Not to mention I asked to wear the woman’s hat that had been standing next to me the entire show, it was a classy ass hat. She wore it a lot better than me though. But Sita kills it, pretty much the reason I actually like it.

Vader and Raiden
Coffee with these lazy cats. You can’t even see Vader, black animal problems. :p

Don’t let the terrible things in the world make you feel like that is who you are.

Because you’re wrong.


if i could


if i could

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I am strong because I’ve seen myself at my weakest.
I am smart because I’ve seen myself act so stupid.
I am selfless because I’ve seen myself act so selfish.
I am beautiful because I’ve seen myself in my dirtiest hours.
I am me because I’ve seen myself act like someone else.
I am love because I have seen myself hate.

You can’t break me because I have already built myself back up.
You can’t correct me because I’ve already seen my wrongs.
So you can’t hurt me, because I’ve already hurt myself the worst.

My family is the sweetest, not to mention so very attractive!
Calypso’s daily begging, cool ranch Doritos.